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Gabrielle Bonneville is founder and CEO of Momentom Collective, a network of artist residencies for digital nomads, artists, and thought-leaders in the creative arts. She says she geeks out on creating alternate realities. Gaby blurs the line between waking and dream states by invoking self-transcendence through circus, meditation, and flow mastery. She also holds a Masters in International Politics. Prior to joining the circus, she worked for the United Nations on human rights issues.

Gaby's an acro yoga and circus performer that actually grew up in the Montreal Circus. She's the real deal! In this interview, Gaby talks about how she’s using the circus mindset to help people explore their full potential, to push beyond their typical emotional and spiritual boundaries. She talks about the power and importance of movement, creativity, community, and collaboration on our journey into self actualization. This was a really beautiful and captivating discussion. I’m excited for you to hear this inspiring and mind-expanding episode!

Education & Inspiration

For many years now, I've been keeping a list of organizations, media, and individuals that have informed and inspired me on my red road journey. These Documentaries, Films, Organizations, Books, and Gurus have played a tremendous role in forming my perspective, and ultimately, they lead to me creating this podcast. Enjoy, and share! 


I send out brief notes a few times per month, designed to inspire and equip you to live a more harmonious and integrated life. Come join me on the journey! 

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