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Nadav Wilf is a spiritual entrepreneur. We met through a mutual friend. He’s worked alongside Peter Diamandis at XPRIZE and HeroX and built his own digital nomad empire. He’s a beautiful soul and it was an honor to have a chance to talk to Nadav about his journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way.
We talked about envisioning the future and then taking steps to manifest it, while you continue to believe it is possible. 
Where do you want to be? 
How do you want to feel? 
That’s where your focus should be. Not on the lack, but on the possibility. Nadav teaches the art of "Feeling good as a foundation for success", because feeling good is the goal, and is in fact “success”. 
We need to have the vibration and feeling of what it would feel like to be “successful”. That’s how we attract that success.
"We have to be open to the unknown. I know why I want a thing, but I’m open to how it comes to me.” 
"I focus on my vibration more than anything else."
People asked him when he was going to grow up, get a job, and stop all of the spiritual mumbo jumbo. That would trigger him but when he stayed in the vibration of love, he was able to receive them as love and respond in love. That’s certainly in line with my idea of success.  
It took time to be grateful for everything, from the sheets and pillows to the people in his life to his breathe, he centered his life around gratitude and doing things that feel good. If he feels bad, he surrenders to it and listens to his body. He asks some vital questions. 
Can I think a better feeling thought about this? 
Can I do something that feels better that isn’t about this? 
Or can I just feel good about feeling bad right now and let it pass through me? 
We talked about the importance of self love and living as "The Vibration of Love”. 
Self love starts with forgiveness. We have to start with forgiving ourselves. We have to become better and better at loving ourselves. 
We have to maintain a practice of attuning our awareness. We have to constantly check in with ourselves and be diligent about being aware. 
"We win when we’re in the moment.” 
"Time is made up by humans.” 
I’m grateful there are people like Nadav out there doing meaningful work. 
He’s an inspiration for all of us. 
Check out his work in the links below.


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Nadav Wilf is a spiritual entrepreneur. He has built and sold 2 startups in the online advertising space. After his last sale, he realized he wasn't fulfilled which took him on a journey to find his passion, in what he calls a Passion Pivot. He founded, a platform for businesses to integrate philanthropy into everyday life. After Enlightened ran out of cash, Nadav joined Peter Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, as Chief Possibility Officer and partner in HeroX, a platform of incentive prizes. 
After 2 years of enjoying this incredible experience of bringing together the world’s greatest minds to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Nadav decided he wanted to slow down his life, focus on enjoying his artistic expression, and help others do the same. 
He founded, a company focused on helping CEOs and their teams connect to their own alignment and life balance in 12 areas of life: Purpose, Time Creation, Nutrition, Physical Health, Mental and Spiritual Health, Leadership, Personal relationships, Family relationships, Romantic relationships, Self Love, Business, Wealth.
Nadav focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices, so each person can live their passion. He's committed to a world that works for everyone.
He lives and speaks around the world sharing this message, encouraging people to fulfill on their passion, make a real impact in the world and live a life they love. 


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