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I’ve been writing notes down about this concept for a while. And I’ve been excited to share it with you. It feels like it’s largely the exposé of my full ethos on life. After writing it out and then reviewing it, I realize the weight of what I’ve articulated here. 
I know this is a pretty heady title. I was actually going to title this, Falling Away From Union, But I figured The Meaning of Life was probably a more effective headline. 
The following ideas are reflections of my ethos, my perspective, and my journey. It’s personal. And sharing it, for me, is risky.  At this point in my life, I’m ok with that. I talk about the importance of authenticity all the time. So here’s me revealing my most personal thoughts about, what I feel is the meaning of life. 
While in conversation with friends the other day, I worked my way into a point where I said, “wait a minute, I think I actually just figured out what I believe to be the meaning of life”. It’s not every day that happens, so I thought I’d share the thought process with you. 
In this episode, I discuss:
  • What (not who) is God?
  • What is sin? (or at least what does that Christian reference refer to?)
  • What is the opposite of love?
  • The role of the mind and our thoughts. 
  • And… What’s the meaning of life? 
When we ask the big questions like, “Who and I and why am I here”, we are going to end up in a discussion about “what is love”? I’m excited for you to join me on this journey! 


I send out brief notes a few times per month, designed to inspire and equip you to live a more harmonious and integrated life. Come join me on the journey! 

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For many years now, I've been keeping a list of organizations, media, and individuals that have informed and inspired me on my red road journey. These Documentaries, Films, Organizations, Books, and Gurus have played a tremendous role in forming my perspective, and ultimately, they lead to me creating this podcast. Enjoy, and share! 

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