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Bryan Teare | Be The Hero in Your Journey


Bryan Teare is a coach and host of The Quarter Life Comeback podcast. After following the conventional path for most of his life, he suddenly realized that if he wanted to make a bigger impact, it was up to him to make it happen. He started asking questions about what he wanted in his life and decided to pursue the things that truly interested him. Now he’s on a quest for personal mastery and helping others turn their own dreams into reality.

We went deep in this discussion, exploring our heroes’ journey, stoicism, community, and purpose. Bryan is on a beautiful journey, and he’s determined to help others experience a more extraordinary life.

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  • Bryan realized that he wanted to talk about more than just health and fitness, and start taking a more holistic approach to a healthy, happy, exciting lifestyle.
  • He also realized he didn’t have to be the expert on everything in order to start a podcast. He can just create a community of experts and gurus and people that want to learn and grow.
  • Indigenous cultures put a lot of focus on the healing dynamics of community, and it seems a lot of that is happening here.
  • It’s a degree of grit and passion and how much you’re willing to go through that will determine if you end up living the life you want. So many people just give up too soon.
  • You can do what you love and still make money doing it. You just have to want it badly enough.
  • Traveling abroad can really show you who you are and what you’re made of. You have to make a lot of choices that you don’t usually have to make at home. It gets you out of your comfort zone.
  • When you’re visualizing and doing affirmations, you need to be careful with the words you use. Be specific and talk in the present tense, not the future tense.


It doesn’t matter what you’re saying as much as it matters what you’re doing. If you’re not actively engaged, all of the opportunities that come to you still get wasted. The law of attraction doesn’t just bring you what you want. It brings you the opportunities that you are then faced with choosing to engage with or not.


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