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Craving Accountability


Why do we go to therapy? Or a workshop? Or a coach? Or a training? Or a retreat? A core dynamic of these events is accountability. We actually pay for it and sign up for it. And that’s easier to get our heads around if it’s “a professional”. But it’s often hard for us to open ourselves up to accountability from those around us, like friends and family.

If I view accountability as nothing more than judgment from others, or unwanted responsibility that makes me uncomfortable, or any other negative perspective, I am rejecting a potentially profound gift or transcendence, and connection, and expansion.

I crave accountability. I want that type of community. And I want to also be available to others to keep them accountable in times of need. That’s a humanitarian act I’m happy to engage in.

How does accountability feel to you?
How do you view it?
Do you want it?
Do you seek it out?
How does the concept affect your perspective?

I invite you to share your thoughts in the show notes section of this podcast. I’d love to hear from you.

Alright, go out there and get yourself some accountability. It’s a beautiful day to grow and expand!

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