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Doug Good Feather | The Way of the Lakota (part 1)


Doug, Wiyáka Wasté was born at Standing Rock Indian Reservation (home to Sitting Bull). He is a native Lakota speaker, Spiritual man, Iraq War Veteran for 2 tours, Stage and Screen Actor, International Cultural Ambassador, Grammy Award Winning Lakota Singer, Pow Wow Fancy Dancer, and Father. Doug also has a Psychology and Counseling degree and is a Sun Dancer

Good Feather is the founder and spiritual teacher of the Lakota Way Healing Center based in Colorado. He is also the spiritual leader of Spirit Horse Nation, which is a community of like-minded organizations, tribes, and people from every background and school of thought working to elevate the consciousness of Mother Earth. 

Doug Good Feather was shown a life-altering spiritual vision where Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka, our Creator instructed him to share Native Ways and Medicine with all of humanity in a good way. Today Doug Good Feather's vision has become a worldwide movement of Spiritual Healing through Native Ways.

I’ve been wanting to do this interview with Doug for a long time. It’s an honor to have such a revered Lakota teacher here on the show. Doug is a wealth of vital Lakota wisdom, With a vast experience in helping people to understand and implement their harmonious ways. I’m so excited to present this episode to you. I plan to have Doug back soon to continue the conversation. 

Of all the ways of the world’s cultures, I’ve always seen the Lakota Way to be a beautiful way of living in alignment with humanity, nature, and Spirit. There is so much we can learn from the Lakota perspective. I hope you enjoy this journey into the sacred Red Road path of the Lakota. 


  • He was born at Standing Rock reservation, where he grew up. 
  • Doug is a combat vet, having served two tours in Iraq. He came back with PTSD and was then sent to government facilities and prescribed pharmaceuticals that made him feel out of balance with life. So he started using CBD to help him come back into alignment. 
  • Now he’s growing hemp and extracting the CBD oil to help others deal more organically and holistically with their mental and emotional struggles. 
  • He started Spirit Horse Nation during the height of the Standing Rock discussion in 2017. 
  • We talked about how so many of our veterans have had to fight unjust wars on behalf of American corporations. But when they got to join in defending Standing Rock, they really had something to fight for that they could believe in. It gave them a renewed purpose. 
  • Love will teach you how to sacrifice with courage. When people see you cry, they know you have compassion. When they see your compassion, they know you are willing to protect and serve in an honorable way. 
  • The Lakota base their ways upon the ways of the buffalo. They held the female up as the leader of the herd and then the rest of the herd was there to protect and facilitate for them. There were no orphans. Everyone is family. 
  • We don’t just take care of our immediate family. We take care of all of everyone in the tribe as they are one. 



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