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Kelly higdon is a psychotherapist, business coach, and active roller derby competitor. She helps therapists grow their businesses and experience authentic joy in their vocation through her company Zynnyme, her personal coaching and workshops at super cool events like Joe Sanok’s Slow Down School.

Kelly is bubbling with life and such a joy to talk to. We are certainly aligned philosophically. In this very candid interview, we discuss everything from culture, to conscious parenting, minimalism and fostering creativity. And also how she experiences Zen in the unlikely arena of the roller derby.



Through transformational coaching, Kelly helps entrepreneurs get grounded in their values, build upon their strengths and find the balance that their passion was initially intended to provide. She looks at every part of your life, not your sales funnels and consultation scripts, because while those things are important, they aren't the reason you ended up where you are at this moment.

You will make an impact on the world. Your vision will no longer be sitting on a board in your office, it will be in your heart, in the daily actions of your life, being lived every single day.


  • We all live in arms length of so many different cultures and communities that we can tap into.
  • Culture is the collective perspective and like-mindedness of a group of people, often in a particular location, but also virtually across the globe.
  • Being involved with a community or culture can be your “church” and can help to foster empathy and self-actualization. Our interaction with others helps us become better humans.
  • A lot of our happiness comes from being aware and in tune enough to find out who we really are.
  • When we tap into our innate purpose, we light up, we gain energy, we find our flow.
  • [Talking to her 5 year old daughter] When you hug someone, that’s God. When you help someone, that’s God. When you see the wind blow through the trees, that’s God. When the sun shines on your face, that’s God. God is love.
  • Connection and vulnerability makes us better humans.


I’m most awake when I notice the others in my life. You can’t create alone. We are meant to be in community with others.


New Kind of Christian, Brian McLaren

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