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In the interview, Khe said, “meditation is the knowledge that at any point in time, I can give myself a warm hug”. I had a similar experience in this interview with Khe, as if we’re old friends. (Perhaps we are.) That flow is evident as we dive into discussions about meditation, stillness, social media, space/time and compassion.

Our talk went deep quite quickly as we toiled with some great quandaries and stories of personal introspection.

Khe and I are both ardent students of the Tao Te Ching. I can see its influence weaved throughout his life. Like many, we’ve both struggled with stillness and quieting the mind. But we’ve found that contrast to play a profound role in our red road journeys.


Khe is the creator of RadReads and Quartz's first Entrepreneur in residence. He spent 15 years in the financial services industry researching hedge fund investments. From 2007-2015 he was a Managing Director at BlackRock where he oversaw the New York Research Team.

Khe left Blackrock in 2015 to explore projects focused on introspection, generosity, and community. RadReads emerged out of the desire to answer the question “What does it mean to live a fulfilled life?” Now RadReads has become an influential newsletter with over 15,000 subscribers comprised of leaders, investors, academics and change makers. 

Khe has spoken at Northwestern Mutual, Knight Capital, IEX, TEDx and Yale University. CNN Money called him “The Oprah of Millenials”.



  • Meditation was sold to me as more of a performance tool. That originally was intriguing to me, but now I understand that isn’t it’s intended purpose.
  • My entire life, I was pretty much living the differed happiness plan. “Suffer today, for some benefit later”.
  • “When you have one foot in the future and the other in the past, you piss on the present.” ― Dan Harris10% Happier
  • Minimalism has really helped me to live more in the present moment.
  • Meditation forced me to look at the real me. “Meditation, to me, is the knowledge that at any point in time, I can give myself a warm hug”.
  • We live in a culture that doesn’t make it very easy to live in the moment. So we have to be very deliberate about being present in each moment.
  • My top Four Practices:
    • Compassion (self and towards others)
    • Uncomfortable Introspection (toiling with your relationship with fear)
    • Stillness (can you center yourself?)
    • Living your Truth (shedding the ego)
  • Don’t pursue happiness. Pursue equanimity.
  • You cannot experience fear if your mind is totally focused on gratitude.
  • Find joy in uncomfortable introspection.
  • The world is a better place when people honor their fears.
  • “A busy mind accelerates the passage of subjective time.” – Naval Ravikant
  • “The quiet mind decelerates the passage of subjective time.” Khe He


“Fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.
Keep sharpening your knife
and it will blunt.
Chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.
Care about people's approval
and you will be their prisoner. Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity.” ~ Lao Tsu



Being your best self is a practice. There is no end date. Being my best self is a byproduct of a series of practices.



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