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I recently met Laura through a mutual friend (Joshua Spodek) and we immediately hit it off. Suffice it to say, we’re speaking the same language. Laura is a passionate philosopher and a very successful entrepreneur and now she’s sharing her wisdom on her popular podcast, The Art of Authenticity. I know Inipi Radio fans will love it. I’m certainly a fan.

In this interview, we dive into some of the deeper elements of Laura’s personal journey towards finding her truth and connecting with her authentic self. There are so many misperceptions about authenticity, purpose, and happiness. Laura does an amazing job of distilling it all down to a simple language we can all understand and connect with.

I hope you’ll join us for an excellent, and personal conversation about finding your truth and living a more authentic, fulfilling life.



Laura co-founded Litholink Corporation, a healthcare company serving over 350,000 patients per month nationally. When Litholink sold to a Fortune 500 company, she left corporate America to pursue lifelong passions.

Even while working in corporate healthcare, Laura always specialized in breaking down complex concepts to make them easier to digest, understand, and apply.

Now she channels that unique skill into “translating” philosophy and ancient wisdom – breaking down monumental, life-changing wisdom in a way that everyone can apply to their own lives.

Laura currently devotes her energy toward writing, coaching, and helping others implement spiritual teachings in their everyday lives. She wrote an amazing and important book called Emotional Obesity. I hope you’ll check it out. Laura is also the host of the popular podcast, The Art of Authenticity, of which I’m a fan.

Today, I’m talking to Laura about what it means to live a truly authentic life.



  • I realized I was working inside out. We have to remove all these layers and justifications and things you’ve learned and just start living from your truth.
  • Life can be tough, so we start to layer up, all these layers of judgment and right and wrong. And it weighs us down.
  • Happiness or pleasure? If happiness is about experiences that are purposeful and intentional and fulfilling, perhaps you’re on the wrong train.
  • What lights you up most? How can you take that and make it a positive contribution to the world?
  • Make space for finding and connecting with your authentic self. That’s where you can truly experience freedom.
  • If you can figure out what lights you up, what motivates you, you then will have a huge impact on the world.



If you find what you love and then allow yourself to express that to the world, you can find peace. You can transcend the chaos or dread of life. That’s where we find true joy.



Art of Authenticity (podcast)

Emotional Obesity (book)

Twitter @laurascoe 



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