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Naphtali Hoff | Orthodoxy and Paying it Forward



Naphtali Hoff is a PsyD, executive coach, organizational consultant, and sought-after trainer and lecturer. He completed his doctorate in human and organizational psychology and holds two master’s degrees in education and educational leadership. He is the author of an excellent new leadership book, “Becoming the New Boss.” Today we talk about his Orthodox Jewish faith, leadership, Sabbath, and our innate interconnectedness. He's gained a beautiful perspective.


  • Naphtali was born to parents that were both Orthodox Jews, but when he was three years old they divorced and his mother decided to leave the orthodoxy and move into the arts.
  • Naphtali feels that left a level of depth in his life experience that helped to shape his perspective.
  • He went to high school in Israel and was inspired to be more spiritual and to be more engaged in giving to others and teaching.
  • He was then faced with choosing his own spiritual path, which led him to a deeper understanding and strong connection with his faith.
  • Your life should be a beautiful reflection of your faith.
  • In Orthodox Judaism, you live your religion at home, not just in more public settings, and the parent is considered to be the primary educator of the children. (I love that.)
  • We don’t hide away from human weakness or struggle. We embrace it and appreciate the responsibility and the journey.


If you can be a living example of whatever the values you embrace, and embody them wherever you go, and find opportunities to advance them, I think you really can make a difference, not only a macro level but also on a micro level. And all those interactions add up.


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