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Rachel Lang | The Divine Feminine, Part 1


Rachel Lang is a professionally certified astrologer, healer, and Advanced Psychic Medium. She’s an internationally recognized speaker, workshop host and she offers classes, retreats and meditation groups.

Rachel was raised in an “evangelical Catholic” family and received her masters in Theology at Loyola Marymount University. Her Thesis focuses on gender, religion, and justice, and includes research she conducted on the witch trials of the Early Modern Period in Germany.

I’ve been wanting to do a podcast series on understanding the dynamics of feminine and masculine energy, and how we can find harmony with these energies in our lives.

As both a philanthropist and Brand Architect, I’ve studied social systems, human behavior, and politics extensively. Along the way, I began to recognize the profound role of patriarchy in world history.

That led me to studying the potential of matriarchy. The more I’ve studied, the more I’ve begun to believe that matriarchy may be the most viable path towards fostering a harmonious, and close to egalitarian, world.

Rachel was the natural pick to guide us through this discussion. Her unique background and studies, her heart for humanity, and her empathic abilities all give her a profound ability to navigate this territory and lead our discussion.

This is the first of this series. I don’t know how many we’ll do, but I believe you’ll find this first discussion quite provocative and moving. It was truly an honor to talk with Rachel about feminine energy, masculine energy, patriarchy, matriarchy, world history and where we could be heading as a society.

This conversation could fundamentally alter the way you view these energies and political systems. I hope it does. Get ready for a wild journey.


  • Jesus was the ultimate liberator.
  • Rachel studied the witch trials where 500,000 – 1,000,000 people were slaughtered due to their beliefs, and the perspective of their communities towards them.
  • The Malleus Maleficarum (Latin for “The Hammer of Witches”, or “Hexenhammer” in German) is one of the most famous medieval treatises on witches. 
  • In the 1500s, women were the doctors, the healers. They were like midwives. They took care of all the health needs of the community.
  • But then men were needing more jobs, so they started making it illegal for women to practice medicine.
  • Ultimately, women were marginalized and oppressed in order to give men enough of an advantage to be able to dominate the community, which leads way to a more patriarchal society.
  • Naturally, this forced women to start fearing their own power to heal, to feel, to intuit. They began to fear their own bodies.
  • We all have masculine and feminine energy.
  • Masculine energy is more protective, self-directed, outgoing, self-focused, etc. Feminine energy is more relational, nurturing, caring, receiving, etc. Both are necessary to thrive.
  • Feminine energy tends to be more focused on interconnectedness.
  • Women have been taught that their feelings are not valuable. They’ve been taught to leave their intuition behind.
  • We started making things for the community. Then people began to have the idea of ownership of those things. Then metals were made into weapons, to protect what was yours. This really paved the way for patriarchy.
  • This lead to the idea of ownership, and worshiping the Sun God, which lead to a “God as King” relationship, rather than “God within us”.
  • This also leads to judgment and punishment. So systems for that were put into place. Over time, physical violence became a way of exhibiting power. The harm of the body became the desired method for control.
  • Patriarchy is based on the concept that, “if you don’t follow these rules, bad things will happen”, as where Matriarchy is built on the concept of, “I believe in the good things coming”, or “faith”.
  • We are all products of the Jewish exile, the Witch Trials, and early versions of patriarchy.
  • Masculine energy is the energy that asks us to take care of ourselves. We can’t just throw it out. We need that.
  • I want a society that reveres the abilities of a woman as the pinnacle of our human existence.


I want a society that reveres the abilities of a woman as the pinnacle of our human existence.  





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