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Let your life speak.

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I’ve been an activist and philanthropist my whole life. The most common discussion I’ve had over the years revolves around the questions of how to give back or help effectively. Closely behind the frequency of that question is the question of whether or not one should engage in ANY philanthropic activities if they desire to self-actualize. What about all the negative energy?

I hope you’ll join me as I toil with the topics of politics, philanthropy, self-actualization, consciousness and various other elements of this complicated and profoundly important dance of compassionate acts. I see it as a medium for communing with Spirit, of deepening the human experience. But balance is required, and that, is the delicate dance.

This podcast is the most personal one I’ve created, and I think it may be the most important, thus far. It’s going to be a series, and I hope you’ll join me for the journey.


  • Choosing to focus on something, vs. simply observing it and using it as an investment in your understanding, are two very different things.
  • The true definition and meaning of politics and policy.
  • A reality check on our role in politics. You’re playing a role, unintentionally or not.
  • Let’s use the micro example of family to discuss the macro need of society.
    Without contrast, we are never pushed to our limits, to discover who we really are.
  • The maladies of the world are here to teach us.
  • Discussing the Princeton report on how much public opinion actually governs our policies and laws.
  • We cannot allow ourselves to disconnect emotionally from humanity and our planet.



A choice to not be involved is a choice to play a role in perpetuating the problems you see in society.



Check out Represent.Us. I’ve been following them for quite a while and am a serious fan of their work.

Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton University) and Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern University) looked at more than 20 years worth of data to answer a simple question: Does the government represent the people?



Princeton & Northwester University Study

Click here to read the actual PDF report in its entirety.



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