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I recorded this episode directly after the 2017 inauguration of our 45th president. I was surprised at how hard the reality of this new regime actually hit me on inauguration day. Seeing it all happen on TV was sort of surreal, as if I were watching some sort of Orwellian inspired new film. I thought of my daughters, or my mix-raced wife, of my 20 years of activism petitioning for the vitality of people and land.

While I the reality of the new regime certainly weighs heavy on my heart, I am encouraged. Our family attended the Women’s March on the 21st here in Nashville, and we got a taste of what I believe could quite possibly the greatest awakening of our time. “Our time is now. We are ready for the next step.”



  • The veil has come off. Tyranny now has a face, and a cabinet.
  • It matters not if this president is evil or if he does what he says he will. What matters is what he represents.
  • One of the president’s greatest, more impacting roles is their influence over the culture of their nation. And culture is a reflection of the collective consciousness of that nation. Under this regime, that may be their worst threat.
  • If you want to keep people under your control, pump them full of fear that keeps them divided.
  • I truly believe that we may be amidst the greatest awakening of our time. Movements are rising up across the nation, and beyond.



People must realize that tyranny needs society like people need oxygen. It relies on the apathy, silence, and compliance of citizens. Resistance cuts off its air supply and makes way for new social agreements to emerge.





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